The JMJ Team

Jason Hubbard

Building brilliant websites has been Jason’s passion since 2004, and now you can benefit from all those hours devoted to tech geekery. Jason builds websites that look fantastic but also work brilliantly at the back end, ensuring a user experience that will delight your visitors.

Although he’s an experienced and skilled web developer, Jason has also got a background in design and began his career as a trainee designer for a Norwich graphic design agency. By working on big projects at this creative agency and then in other agency roles, Jason expanded his skills from design to development, learning to code and becoming an all-round web-tech artist.

In 2013, Jason decided to launch his own web design agency. As the touchpoint for every client, Jason will guide you through the process, ensuring the finished product meets your needs and delivers results.

James Gawn
Junior Developer

Our newest member of the team is James.

James is our Junior Developer and joined the team in July 2021. He has been learning to code since the start of 2019 and has great interest in user experience and user interface design. He loves travelling and driving in his spare time.

James is a keen learner and we are excited to see what he brings to the team!

Sarah Hurn
Admin and Accounts Manager

Super-organised Sarah is the person who keeps JMJ Web Design running smoothly from behind the scenes.

An experienced professional who has worked across a range of industries, Sarah’s admin skills are second to none. From book-keeping to customer communications to invoice chasing, Sarah is the person who makes sure everything is kept in order.

Her office support allows the rest of the team to focus on their areas of expertise, as Sarah keeps us all organised to deliver the results our customers expect.

Armed with a ‘can do’ attitude and fantastic people skills, Sarah ensures that both the team and our clients are kept happy, informed and on track.

...and our amazing partners

Barry Ducker
Senior Developer

Barry is a Senior Developer who has worked with JMJ for almost 4 years now but has been in the industry for 10. He is also a keen cook, gamer and a student of the Japanese language.

Barry has previously worked with other top creative agencies in Norwich, providing creative development, technical support and consultation.

With great experience and an enthusiastic approach to his work, Barry is an essential part of our team.

Pete Baker
Graphic Designer

Great design demands attention and captivates the consumer. From the moment your project begins, Pete will be there to approach the job from a design perspective. His work will ensure that your design intrigues and delights potential customers.

Pete’s award-winning design skills have been honed over years of practical experience. His creative background in design agencies set him apart from design freelancers operating in this space. There are very few aspects of design work that Pete hasn’t done before.

Pete is used to managing projects from the first meeting with the client through the entire process. You can rely on him to help you build great digital collateral, and also advise on print work and advise on other formats too. He’s a brand builder, who helps businesses impress and engage their prospective clients.

Kate White

Kate will help you tell your business stories in a way that resonates with your target market. For her, it’s all about your potential client, and her copy is tailored to speak to them while emphasising all the ways you can help them solve a pain point or reach an aspiration.

As a professional journalist who has worked extensively in the national press, Kate is experienced in writing on diverse subjects in a variety of styles. Her background is in entertainment reporting, but since launching her copywriting career, Kate has worked with many different businesses to write their websites, blogs and marketing materials.

Better still, you don’t have to write a brief for her. She’ll come and interview you, then use those conversations to build your content. The most successful brands engage and connect with people through stories – let Kate help you tell yours.

Want to know more about how we work?
This is our creative process.


In the initial stage, we want to know as much about your business as possible. Tell us about your brand, your target audience and your business objectives. Our research process involves analysing your audience and rivals. Then we go on a mental mission…


This stage of the process involves organising design concepts and developing ideas from the discovery stage. We assess what your business needs and agree on a solution that will best meet your business objectives. Then on to the creative…


The design stage is when thoughts are given life and brought into reality. It is an important stage of the process because critical decisions need to be made. Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable before heading into the final stage…


Once the basis of the web design has been agreed, it’s time for tweaks and improvements to bring your website into full fruition. This stage mostly involves coding and finalising custom templates that give you a distinct uniqueness. Then you’re ready for live launch.

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