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AccessHE Creative website design

New website for AccessHE Creative

We were given the opportunity to produce a new website for one of AccessHE’s new projects, AccessHE Creative. AccessHE Creative supports those who want to study a creative subject in higher education (HE) regardless of their background or characteristics.

The website provides a wide variety of resources for all types of users who would wish to use this website, whether you’re a student considering which creative subjects to study, a parent or carer helping your child make important decisions about their future, or a teacher or advisor.

With clever use of colours and imagery, as well a structure and signposted links to help guide users through a natural path on the website, we were able to produce a website which met the client’s needs, and provided a user-friendly experience.

Jason developed the website by creating a bespoke WordPress theme, while Pete produced the visuals. If you like what we’ve done here and would like to discuss with us your new website project, just give Jason a call on 01603 555590 and we’ll be happy to talk.

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