The Project

New website for business utility consultants

Green Jellyfish

The Challenge

Business utility consultants Green Jellyfish wanted to make a splash as they launched into the cost-cutting market. As a company committed to driving down costs for companies and helping them fish out exceptional deals, Green Jellyfish needed a bright, clean and fresh digital presence. The website itself needed to showcase the numerous services that Green Jellyfish can offer their clients, making it simple for customers to make their initial appointment. The design had to be eye-catching, quirky and attractive, paired with compelling content that would demonstrate all the benefits of using their services. Finally, the site needed to communicate that this team of expert consultants could help a business save money, find better deals and grow faster.

Green Jellyfish

The Solution

It was vital that visitors found it easy to navigate the site, identifying the sections relevant to them, exploring areas they may not have thought about before and then moving to the action of making contact with Green Jellyfish. The design and copywriting work in tandem, with creating a playful but professional design throughout, matching the lively copy.

Across the website, the Green Jellyfish brand is clear and present. Visitors can quickly discover how each Green Jellyfish service works, the benefits to them and the process the consultant goes through to net them a good deal. The website is responsive on all devices, and it’s simple to go from reading the pages to making contact straight away. The relevant SEO was done to ensure the site appears on Google, and now Green Jellyfish can build up their blog content to demonstrate their expertise. With so many services that’ll help businesses to cut costs and redeploy the savings for growth, Green Jellyfish is perfectly positioned to make a massive impact on their target market.

We are now running and maintaining a successful Google Ads campaign for Green Jellyfish, to further increase their reach in the market.

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