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Your target market will be impressed by a good WordPress website and brand visuals, but if the website words don’t match up, you could lose them.

Excellent copywriting is all about making a clear, concise and engaging case for people to buy from you. Your content should be informative, helpful and easy-to-read, identifying the pain points that trouble your potential customers and how you can resolve them.

Our team of copywriters started their careers in journalism and have worked extensively in the national press. They are storytellers, who can help you find the stories and insights in your business that will resonate with your customers.

Many businesses struggle to articulate their point of difference and to find ways to demonstrate their expertise in the content they share. With our copywriters, the process becomes simple, allowing you to talk about what you do as we take the notes to turn into great content.

Benefits of using professional
website copywriters


You don't have to write your own website

This may sound like a no-brainer, but so many professionals believe they can just knock up some words to fill out the website. When they come to actually write things down, we find many people get frustrated and struggle, leading to long delays with getting a new website live. You are a professional in your field, not in copywriting, so let our pro team do the hard work for you.


A different approach

Too many companies make their websites all about them. However, the best websites are all about the customer. Our copywriters have written for national publications and as journalists, they always have the audience in mind. The content they create is targeted and specific, so it’s meaningful for the reader and much more likely to engage them.


Keywords that don't sound robotic

If you want to perform well in search engines, you need to work with key search terms and ensure they feature across your site. Crowbarring short or long-tail keywords into content means it will read as though a robot has written it. Our copywriting team know how to seamlessly work in those all-important keywords but keep the integrity and flow of the copy.

Our copywriting process

#1 Introductory meeting

You’ll meet the copywriter who will work on your website. You can discuss the pages you need, your brand tone of voice and any other content-specific requirements at the meeting.

#2 First page

We usually work on the Home Page first, and you’ll get to see that first draft before we move on to the next bit of copy. This ensures that you are happy with the tone and style from the off, and if there are any changes, we can make them fast.

#3 First draft

We work through each of your website pages in the same way. The copywriters will talk to you to get the information to create the page (and that’s an easy process for professional media interviewers), then deliver the first draft. You can make as many changes to that first draft as you wish, then we begin to polish.

#4 Final draft

Each page will go through a series of two drafts and two sets of revisions. Once it’s ready, the final draft will be sent over to our web designers to be worked into the website design.

#5 Proof-reading

Once your website is complete, we will do a final proof-read across the whole site to ensure everything looks good. From this point on, you can engage us to deliver regular blogs, white papers or articles if you want to use content marketing as part of your sales strategy.

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