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WordPress – Take control of your website

What we like about WordPress websites is they are easy-to-use and highly adaptable to your business needs. Building with WordPress has significant advantages.

Responsive and customisable, WordPress provides a powerful platform that consistently performs in search engines. With our skill to create an engaging web design using custom templates and clean code, we aim to help improve your SEO.

Furthermore, the options to build a unique WordPress web design are limitless. JMJ Web Design follow a tried and tested process to understand your business and produce a website your customers enjoy using.

WordPress Benefits

Open-source software

It is important for online businesses to establish an online brand. WordPress is free out-the-box with thousands of ready-made templates, but its real power is the platform is 100% customisable. This gives you the freedom and the creative licence to build a bespoke website that promotes your brand image.

Clean Code

Code can have a significant impact on the performance of your website. Good and bad. In a mobile-first world, you can’t risk using a platform that slows down load speeds. We use clean code that create less bugs and saves you time and money.

Responsive Software

WordPress web designs prove time and again the responsive software can adapt to changes in search engine algorithms. The platform offers flexibility to online businesses by enabling you to easily adapt marketing strategies, graphics designs and any other type of content.


Because WordPress is so easy to use, you can manage it yourself. The platform gives you more control and freedom to make changes to content without having to rely on your web designer. As a result, you save money – and a lot of time for both us.

We build WordPress websites your brand can be proud of

Bespoke WordPress websites are highly versatile and simple to use. You can have full control of your website and access the dashboard from multiple computers.

You have the agility to add content at will and give the design a nip and tuck. And with responsive designs that are completely customisable, we can create a user-friendly interface that is accessible across multiple platforms.

WordPress web designs are also responsive to web analysis tools so you can assess SEO performance. The versatility and low cost solutions give you more control over your online store and your marketing budget.

User-Friendly Websites

WordPress is the leading content management system for web designers in Norwich because it is the easiest to use. Not just for web designers, but for online business users too.

The dashboard is equipped with powerful tools that are simple to use, even without any technical knowledge. Blog ready, WordPress allows you to add images and articles and gives you complete control over your content marketing campaign.

WordPress websites are ideal for multiple users. You can add as many users as you need and appoint an administrator to oversee permissions. These powerful platforms put you in firm control to act quickly.

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Having complete control over your website is one of the best investments your business can make. JMJ Web Design help you earn more from your investment by building a custom WordPress website that engage your audience across multiple devices, enhance your brand image and improves conversion rate optimisation.